Dilapidations Roofworks

Tenants risk exposure to thousands of pounds worth of repairs if they do not seek adequate protection offered by a Schedule of Condition.

Simply put, a repairing liability is a feature in most leases and Full Internal Repairing and Insuring Leases are commonplace, which in turn can mean that when the time comes for a property to be vacated, it must be in at least equal if not better shape than when it was first let to the tenant.

That can leave tenants exposed to the liability of extensive roof repairs for example, yet it is an aspect of letting that all too many are unaware of until it is too late.

By providing our clients with a comprehensive Schedule detailing the Condition of all the elements of the premises, that exposure is mitigated.

It costs from as little as £250 (ex VAT) but can mean a saving of tens of thousands of pounds, not to mention of course the protection it offers for your peace of mind

A Schedule of Dilapidations is a complex area and again, both landlords and tenants can be at risk of tens of thousands of pounds of repairs unless due care is taken.

Landlords can find that the value of their asset is jeopardised should a tenant neglect an issue that impacts on the fabric and structure of a building. However, tenants have to be warned in advance of any neglect and that is where we can help. A schedule of dilapidations should prevent the issue from developing but if neglect does arise, the schedule can assist with any necessary financial claim.

Likewise, it can be the case that tenants are presented with large dilapidations claims by a landlord during a lease term. Again, we are on hand to make an independent assessment of the scope of the work and obligations involved and we have saved our clients many thousands of pounds at the point where they need to undertake repair work.

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