Roof Waterproofing

We have a full range of high performance range of liquid applied roofing, cladding and balcony waterproofing systems. Polymer waterproofing systems are extremely versatile, completely cold applied and can be specified to match the longevity of your project through a range of build-up options. Polimar is part of our cold applied portfolio. Cold applied systems meet the demand for specifications offering higher resistance to fire and spread of flames.The Polymer waterproofing roofing range has been specifically developed to provide short and long term waterproofing for both new build and refurbishment projects.

Polymer waterproofing provides a flexible, high performance UV resistant coating that forms a seamless waterproofing barrier. High levels of strength make Polimar the obvious choice for areas with difficult access and intricate detailing requirements.Ancillary items are important to ensure the project is completed to the highest standard with the necessary priming, reinforcement, vapour control, insulation and rooflights.

In addition the project site needs to have safety measures such as handrails and walkways where applicable.

  • Fast-curing primer for damp substrates (new build and saturated concrete)
  • Rapid curing times, same day return to full service
  • Low odour option available
  • Slip-resistant technology
  • Year round application possible
  • Additional surface coat in any RAL colour available
  • 15 year guarantee

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